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We offer a variety of mortgage loan for you, regardless of buying a new house(First mortgage), second mortgage, obtain capital from existing mortgage which has not been completely paid off, mortgage load transfer, etc. No restriction on property age regardless of the type of property, including residential building, village house, tenement house, HOS/TPS flat with premium paid, office, shop, industrial or commercial properties or parking space, etc. The loan amount can be as high as $50,000,000 or over 80% of the property price (Monthly interest rate as low as 0.8%)
Joint owners can apply for loans individually without the consent of the other joint owner of the property.
Express and easy application, all is set within 1 working day.
Welcome cash income and self-employed applications.
Credit history does not affect the approval results and no income proof is required.
No financial statement is required for business.
Few documents are needed, title deeds/mortgage repayment statement, demand for rates, and demand for management fees.
Flexible loan tenure, from 3 months to 20 years. Customers may decide the loan tenure based on their repayment ability.
Property refinancing for obtaining liquidity, e.g. cash flow for business, investment, debt settlement, etc.


貸款額可高達 $50,000,000或樓價8成以上(月息低至0.8%起)


BY Finance is a finance company formally established under the Hong Kong Money Lenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong). BY Finance uses its ample resources and professional experience to provide the properties owners with speedy, convenience, and sincere property loan service.

BY Finance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PC Securities Financial Group (PCSFG). Found in 2001, PCSFG presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan. Through its members, PCSFG business covers the Asia pacific region by providing diversified and dynamic financial products and services, include Securities, Insurance, Funds, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Offshore Family Trust, Global Properties, Investment Immigration, Business Consulting, etc. All PCSFG members are licensed or verified by related regulatory authorities.

Recently, PCSFG focus on its credit service business and set up BY Finance. With its diversified products and services, PCSFG has acquired a wide range of credit and real estate related information and network, strive in developing a speedy, convenience and brand new platform between banks and other financial institutions to provide professional, flexible and sincere property loan services to customers.